Sunday, December 21, 2014

PK Movie Review - Hilarious Review of the hilarious movie

Friend: PK is a mast movie yaar. Must watch.

Me: What is it about? I heard it makes fun of religions.

Friend: It is actually full of comedy but yeah it show how religions are fraud and how religious heads cheat people, take them for granted.

Me: Good. We must expose religious fallacies and promote science.

Friend: Such great acting dude. I want to watch again.

Me: Nice. Which religions did they expose in the movie? Did they show how Quran is being misinterpreted by millions around the world to justify terrorism in the name of Jihad? Did it attack the core ideologies or did it mock the religious belief of Islam?

Friend: No

Me: Ok. Did they show how Christian missionaries are pumping in thousands of crores of rupees into India with the agenda of converting India into Christian nation? Did the movie question any core belief of Christianity? Did it mock Jesus?

Friend: No.

Me: Means, the movie attacked core ideologies of Hinduism only, mocked at Idol Worshipers and portrayed like as if all Hindus are fools?

Friend: hmmm. Not really, but yeah. Now that I think of it, I wonder why the entire movie was dominantly against Hinduism.

Me: So, what do you think the movie is really? Can you take a deep breath, think and tell in 1 line?

Friend: It is a hilarious Anti-Hindu movie with great acting.

Me: Thanks for your review.